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Happy Diwali Songs : Bollywood MP3 Diwali Songs for Dance 2017

Diwali is a festival of lights and joy. It is celebrated all over India with immense enthusiasm and passion. People not only celebrate it by distributing gifts & greetings among their friends and relatives, lighting lamps and decorating their homes with tiny lights, making Rangoli designs on the floor at the doorsteps or courtyard and children burning crackers with the family members but also by spreading love, joy and happiness all around. People sing Diwali songs and dance with each other on this day. We provide you some of the Best Happy Diwali Songs to make you groove on this special occasion.Now enjoy these all Bollywood MP3 Diwali Songs for Dance 2017.

Happy Diwali Songs

Diwali is a festival for which people wait throughout the year. It is celebrated all over India amongst the people belonging to different religions. The entire city, town or village seems so much beautiful like a newly married bride on this day. People also sing diwali songs and dance in Diwali parties.Do take a look at diwali images for the inspiration. On this day people wear new clothes, light up diyas inside & outside their homes, do or participate in Laxmi Pooja, fire crackers, then have a family feast including mithai and exchange of gifts between family members and close friends. At some places, Diwali parties are organize where people sing Happy Diwali songs and dance forgetting all their worries and problems. You can even send diwali SMS to your friends.Now Download Bollywood MP3 Diwali Songs for Dance 2017 and if you like these Diwali Songs. Then don’t forget to share these all Diwali Songs 2017 with your friends on social sites.

Happy Diwali

List of Diwali Songs: Top Songs for Diwali 2017

There are so many Happy Diwali songs are there in Bollywood movies. We have made collection of few diwali songs from different Bollywood movies and from music albums. Select from the list of diwali songs the song you like the most and make your own collection of diwali songs for the party.

1. Ayii abki saaal diwali mooh par apnee khun male, ayii abki saaal diwali. Chaaro taraf hai gor andhera ghar mei kaise deep jale – sung by Lata Mangeshkar from the movie “Haqeeqat”.

2. Lakho taare aasmaan mei, ek magr dhunde naa milaa, Dekh ke duniyaa ki diwali, dil meraa chupchaap jalaa – sung by Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar from movie “Hariyali aur Rasta”.

Happy Diwali 2017

3. Aayi diwali, aayi diwali, Deepak sang naache patanga, Mai kiske sang naachu bata ja, aayi diwali, aayi diwali – sung by Zohrabi Ambalewali from movie “Rattan”.

4. Deep jalao, deep jalao, aaj diwali re, Khushi khushi sab haste aao, aaj diwali re.

5. Ek wo bhi diwhali thi, ek ye bhi diwali hai, Ujada huaa gulshan hai, rota huaa maali hai, Ek wo bhi diwali thi, ek ye bhi diwali hai, Ujada huaa gulshan hai, rota huaa maali hai – sung by Mukesh Chand Mathur from movie movie/ album “Nazraana”.


Diwali Wishes

6. Chote chote nanhe mune pyare pyaare re, Bache sacche jag ke ujiyare re, Deep diwali ke jhoote, Aa haa, Raat chale subah toote, Aa haa, Raat chalen subah toote – sung by Kishore Kumar and Sushma Sreshta from movie “Jugnu”.

7. Aayi diwali deepon vali, Gaye skhyian, Gaye skhyian, O pardesi meri, O pardesi meri, Neer bharii, ankhiyaa, Neer bharii ankhiyaa, Neer bharii ankhiyaa – sung by Khursheed Bano from movie “Maharana Pratap”.

8. All around the world (hold index finger out and circle in front of body), Our Hindu friends (put one hand over the other for “friends) are getting ready (open both hands out in front) – English rhyme.

Diwali Poem

9. Ye din jahaan mei har kahii bhar de roshni usi ke pyaar kii, Dil dil se vo mila de har chehhra vo khilaa de, Mere tumahre sabke liye happy Diwali.

10. Main hu aya tere dwaar, Oh jai Lakshmi mata, Tu sun le meri pukaar he mata.

11. Kaise diwaali manaaen ham laalaa, Apanaa to baarah mahine divaalaa, Ham to hue dekho than than gopaalaa, Apanaa to baarah mahine divaalaa – sung by Mohammed Rafi from movie “Paigham”.

12. Is raat diwali ye kaisi, Ye kaisa ujiyala chhaya hai, Is raat diwali ye kaisi,Ye kaisa ujiyala chhaya hai, Is raat diwali ye kaisi, Ye kaisa ujiyala chhaya hai – sung by Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi & Shamshad Begum from movie “Sabse Bada Rupaiya (1955)”.

13. Deep jalenge deep diwali aayi ho,ho diwali aayi ho,deep jalenge deep diwali aayi ho,ho diwali aayi ho, aa rahi hai man vina ke tar hilane wali, aa rahi priya prem aalap sunane wali,jhan jhan nan baj rahi hai,jhan jhan nan baj rahi hai,nupur ki sahnayi,deep jalenge deep diwali aayi ho,ho diwali aayi ho,deep jalenge deep diwali aayi ho,ho diwali aayi ho – sung by Geeta Dutt from movie “Paisa” 1957.Now use these Diwali 2017 Bollywood Songs and Download Deepawali 2017 Songs and enjoy the song list.

We hope our post on Happy Diwali Songs help you to make a good collections of Happy Diwali songs to enjoy the Diwali parties. You can also sing diwali poems for the children to make them dance.Would you like to provide your Diwali Songs for Dance 2017 List and Download the best song for Diwali too? Kindly send us on our site. Make sure you keep checking diwali 2017 blog to get all the latest updates.

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